Paul Jolliff (1964-2002) – Class of 1983

Paul Jolliff’s obituary appeared on Sunday, June 16, 2002 FireFighter Paramedic and 1983 DHS graduate, Paul Jolliff, 37, a 7 year veteran of the Indianapolis Fire Department Station 10 died Friday June 14, 2002. Paul was on his 22nd and final practice mission before being certified as a department dive team member. The dive […]

Our Alma Mater

Desert Letterman D

Hail Desert High! Hail, Desert Hail! May Her Courage Never Fail. Her Hallowed Halls Loudly Ring As Our Voices Proudly Sing Her Praise To The Sky, And Her Heroes Do or Die, So Join Us As We Sing Hail Desert High! My dad, George E. Thompson, was the first music/band teacher at Desert when it […]

Desert’s History

Aerial view of DHS - 1977

Thanks to Sandi Idleman, Linda Hanes Wisen and the Classes of 1955-1969 for providing our history! Desert High School is located on Edwards AFB, California. The school was founded in 1950, starting with a one-grade school and adding a grade each year until 1955, when the first senior class graduated. Desert High School grew from […]

Edwards’ History

Captain Glen Edwards

In 1910, the Corum family settled at the edge of Rogers Dry Lakebed. In addition to raising alfalfa and turkeys, they located other homesteaders in the area for a fee of $1 per acre. As those settlers moved in, the Corum brothers earned contracts for drilling water wells and clearing land. They also opened a […]